Bad Breath Treatment


Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is often the result of bacteria in the mouth breaking down food particles and dead cells, producing volatile compounds like hydrogen sulfide and dimethyl sulfide.
These compounds give off an unpleasant odor during exhalation.
Dry mouth, due to reduced saliva production, can also contribute to bad breath.
Lack of self-confidence and social pressure are common reasons patients seek treatment.


Which foods can cause bad breath?

Foods high in sulfur content such as garlic and onions, spicy foods, caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, sugary foods, and dairy products can contribute to bad breath. Red meat, which can be difficult to digest, may linger in the mouth longer and exacerbate bad breath.

What can I do to prevent bad breath?

Regular tooth brushing, using dental floss, maintaining tongue hygiene, and drinking adequate water can help combat bad breath.

Why do I still have bad breath even after brushing my teeth?

Persistent bad breath despite good oral hygiene could be a sign of dental decay, gum disease, or other underlying conditions. If you’re experiencing this, it’s advisable to visit Clinic EGO for a consultation.

Which diseases could be the cause?

Sinus or respiratory infections, as well as digestive issues like acid reflux, could be underlying causes of persistent bad breath.

Which oral care products can I use after brushing my teeth?

In addition to brushing, using dental floss, mouthwash, and tongue cleaners can aid in maintaining good oral hygiene.

Does smoking cause bad breath?

Yes, smoking can contribute to bad breath due to dryness in the mouth or throat and the promotion of bacterial growth. Smoking can also lead to gum disease by impeding blood circulation, which can result in an unpleasant odor.

What medications can be used for bad breath treatment?

Without proper guidance from a healthcare professional, it is not recommended to self-medicate for bad breath treatment.

What are some misconceptions about bad breath?

Common misconceptions include believing that brushing alone is sufficient to prevent bad breath, that bad breath is not a medical condition, or that chewing gum can solve bad breath.

Which type of dentist should I visit for bad breath treatment?

You can initially schedule an appointment for a general examination. If needed, your dentist will refer you to a specialist.

How is chronic bad breath treated?

Treatment for chronic bad breath involves identifying the root cause. If it’s related to a general health issue, consultation with a medical doctor is advised. If the issue is oral, our clinic utilizes modern technology, such as the “Halitometer” device, for diagnosis. Following the examination, appropriate treatment options will be discussed and implemented.

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