Hollywood Smile treatment solves which problems?

  • Corrects shape irregularities and misalignments in teeth.
  • Whitens discolored teeth.
  • Ensures correction of gum level.
  • Maintains gum health.
  • Solves asymmetric smile issues.
  • Repairs cracks and chips on tooth surfaces.
  • Completes missing teeth.

What is the aim of smile design?

  • Smile is the most important indicator of youthfulness in a person’s face. Smile design is the most focused element according to age. As years go by, facial features change and small wrinkles appear on the face. Sagging, especially in the mouth and jaw area, becomes prominent. This sagging causes wrinkles on the lips and hides the appearance of teeth.
  • Recession of the gums due to gaps between teeth can lead to a decrease in confidence over time.
  • With smile design, we aim to achieve vertical expansion. We want people to look younger.

The types of veneers used in “Hollywood Smile” treatment are as follows:


Why is Hollywood Smile preferred?

Hollywood Smile is sought after by those seeking an aesthetic smile. It can correct various aesthetic flaws such as discolored teeth, irregular shape and size of teeth, gaps between teeth, or broken and worn-out teeth.

Is there an age limit for Hollywood Smile?

There is generally no specific age limit for Hollywood Smile procedures. However, certain methods that are suitable for adults may not be appropriate for children and adolescents.

What are the advantages of Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood Smile offers the advantage of having white, straight, and attractive teeth. It can enhance your smile, boost your self-confidence, improve your sense of self-assurance, and positively impact your social relationships.

Is Hollywood Smile painful?

The degree of discomfort can vary depending on an individual’s pain threshold but can be minimized with local anesthesia. Severe pain is not typically experienced during these procedures.

Does Hollywood Smile harm the teeth?

Generally, Hollywood Smile procedures do not harm the teeth. However, some methods may alter the natural structure of the teeth. For instance, dental crown or porcelain veneer applications might involve minimal reduction of the natural tooth enamel.

How long does the application of Hollywood Smile take?

Procedures using veneer types such as Zirconium, E-max, or porcelain typically take between 4 to 7 days. Given the continual advancement of technology, we anticipate that this duration may further decrease.

Is Hollywood Smile permanent?

On average, Hollywood Smile can last approximately 10 to 15 years. This duration can vary based on various factors.

Are there any side effects of Hollywood Smile?

Although generally safe and effective, like any medical procedure, there can be potential side effects. These might include temporary effects such as tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, color changes, or bad breath.

How should I take care of my teeth after getting Hollywood Smile?

Some accidents, unusual forces, and habits such as night teeth grinding in some patients can occur, or rarely, material-related problems may occur. Generally, the prosthesis does not break completely, only the prosthesis base (metal, zirconium, etc.) separates from the porcelain. Most of the time, the problem can be solved by removing the prosthesis from its place, and in cases where the prosthesis cannot be removed, a new one is made.

Do the veneers used in Hollywood Smile treatment break?

Some accidents, unusual forces, and habits such as night teeth grinding in some patients can occur, or rarely, material-related problems may occur. Generally, the prosthesis does not break completely, only the prosthesis base (metal, zirconium, etc.) separates from the porcelain. Most of the time, the problem can be solved by removing the prosthesis from its place, and in cases where the prosthesis cannot be removed, a new one is made.

Will I lose the originality of my teeth? Can I use my own teeth again?

If patients wanted to use their existing teeth, they wouldn’t need “Smile Design” for aesthetic purposes. Therefore, after these procedures, patients cannot use their own teeth. They should think of it like nose aesthetics. In that procedure, healthy nose tissue is operated on for aesthetic concerns, involving cutting and filing. Patients cannot ask to have their old nose back afterward. When patients want to undergo any of these procedures, they should be informed about the issue by expert doctors.

Do teeth decay after Hollywood Smile treatment?

A common misconception is: “After getting a prosthesis, there is no need for dental care because there won’t be any tooth decay.” Yes, since they are artificial materials, they do not decay on their own. However, if bacteria between the tooth and gum line are not well cleaned, gum recession can occur quickly. This will expose the teeth under the veneers, leading to decay in poorly cleaned areas. So, if you have a prosthesis in your mouth, the most important factor for its longevity is “oral hygiene.

In the ‘Hollywood Smile’ treatment, is tooth reduction performed?

Before crown and laminate veneer procedures, a ‘tooth preparation’ process must be performed. Patients often refer to this process as ‘tooth cutting, grinding, or reduction.’ However, it is not possible to apply any crown or laminate veneer without ‘preparation.’ We conduct preparation procedures to create space for the new veneer and to enhance the adhesion of crowns or laminate veneers. ‘Non-prep applications’ are possible, but the number of patients suitable for this is quite limited due to tooth positions.

“Hollywood Smile” treatment gives a foreign feeling in the mouth afterward

Even with the smallest filling in your mouth, you will initially feel a sense of unfamiliarity with your tongue. Teeth that have been empty for a long time will seem large to you in the first few days. Their surfaces will feel very polished and foreign. Your tongue will constantly move over them. All of these are normal things. By the end of the first week, all of these will diminish, and within a month, they will become a natural part of you. If these discomforts are not too extreme, we recommend waiting at least 1 week. If there are teeth that you haven’t gotten used to by the end of the first week, your dentist will correct these areas.

What is the cost of Hollywood Smile?

The cost can vary depending on the procedures involved and the individual’s oral and dental structure. Simpler treatments such as teeth whitening are more affordable, while more complex procedures such as porcelain veneers or dental crowns may carry higher costs. For detailed information about costs and for a free online consultation, please contact our clinic.

What did our guests say after the smile design?


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