Teeth Cleaning – Tartar Treatment


Dental calculus, often referred to as tartar, is a result of bacterial plaque accumulation in the mouth.
While poor oral hygiene is frequently identified as the primary cause, tartar can form even with meticulous dental care.
Tartar forming on the back teeth usually doesn’t raise aesthetic concerns.
However, patients commonly seek treatment due to halitosis or the visible appearance of tartar on the front teeth.


How does dental calculus impact oral health?

Any discomfort originating in the mouth, the commencement point for digestion, negatively affects overall health. This includes impact on the gums, adjacent teeth, and the broader digestive system.

Why does dental calculus lead to bad breath?

Bacteria residing in dental calculus are responsible for the unpleasant odor. These bacteria generate volatile sulfur compounds while breaking down food particles, causing bad breath.

Can dental calculus result in tooth decay?

Dental calculus doesn’t directly lead to tooth decay.

How can the formation of dental calculus be prevented?

Maintaining good oral hygiene can significantly prevent dental calculus formation. It is crucial not to bypass flossing after brushing. Regular check-ups every six months at Clinic EGO allow for early detection and treatment.

What methods are employed in dental calculus cleaning?

Cleaning methods include the use of ultrasonic devices, special manual instruments, and dental cleaning pastes.

Which factors speed up the formation of dental calculus?

Smoking and excessive consumption of tea or coffee can expedite calculus formation.

Can patients clean dental calculus at home?

Home removal of dental calculus is quite challenging. While it can be done using specialized devices, attempting self-cleaning can result in harm to the teeth and gums.

What should be kept in mind post dental calculus cleaning?

As with any dental treatment, regular tooth brushing, flossing, use of mouthwash, and attention to dietary habits are essential after tartar removal.

How long does a dental calculus cleaning session take?

A typical cleaning session ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Is anesthesia used during the process?

As the procedure is pain-free, anesthesia is not required.

Teeth Cleaning – Tartar Treatment in Istanbul

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