Multiple Tooth Implant treatment


Multiple tooth implant treatment is a dental procedure used to replace multiple missing teeth.
This treatment aims to replace several missing teeth with a bridge supported by implants and is performed based on the stability and condition of adjacent teeth.
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Who is it suitable for?

Multiple tooth implant treatment is suitable for patients who have a sufficient bone structure, good oral health, and are generally healthy. Consultation with an expert dentist is crucial to assess suitability.

Is it painful?

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, ensuring patients do not experience any pain during the treatment. Any post-procedural discomfort can typically be managed with medication.

How is the treatment performed?

The treatment begins with the surgical placement of implants into the jawbone. Subsequently, a metal or ceramic bridge structure, designed to replace the missing teeth, is prepared and attached to the implants.

Is there a specific treatment duration?

The duration of treatment varies for each patient, typically taking several months from start to finish.

What materials are used?

The materials are selected based on durability, biocompatibility, and aesthetics. Titanium implants and ceramic or metal bridge structures are commonly used.

What should I consider regarding eating and drinking after the treatment?

During the initial healing stages, it’s recommended to consume soft foods and avoid extremely hot, cold, or spicy foods. After healing, there are minimal restrictions on eating and drinking.

Can the implant bridge damage other teeth?

When correctly placed and well-maintained, an implant bridge does not damage other teeth. Instead, it can enhance the durability of adjacent teeth and preserve the health of the jawbone.

Is the treatment urgent?

While not typically an urgent treatment, delaying the procedure may result in more discomfort over time due to the missing teeth.

Does multiple tooth implant treatment require follow-up visits?

Yes, regular check-ups are important following multiple tooth implant treatment. Our dentists will monitor the condition of the implants and overall oral health periodically.

Are there any side effects or complications associated with multiple tooth implant treatment?

Generally, the treatment is successful and safe. At Clinic EGO, with our experienced dentists and modern equipment, the likelihood of infection, implant failure, or complications is very low.

Multiple Tooth Implant in Istanbul

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