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Tooth jewelry refers to small ornaments or decorative elements that can be affixed to teeth for personal expression or as fashion statements.
Available in various shapes, sizes, and designs, tooth jewelry can draw attention to the teeth or serve as a stylish, temporary adornment.
At Clinic EGO, these are applied professionally.


How is tooth jewelry applied?

The selected piece of jewelry is chosen. The dentist lightly roughens or cleans the tooth surface with a mild acid solution. The jewelry is then adhered to the tooth using a specialized adhesive or composite resin. After positioning the jewelry correctly, the dentist applies the adhesive, followed by hardening and final checks.

Is tooth jewelry temporary?

Yes, tooth jewelry is typically applied temporarily.

What kind of appearance does tooth jewelry provide?

Tooth jewelry can provide an aesthetic, eye-catching appeal, characterized by sparkle, shine, contrast, and color emphasis.

Are there any health risks associated with wearing tooth jewelry?

While there are potential risks, our dentists at Clinic EGO will inform you about them and take all necessary precautions to minimize these risks.

Is any special permission or document required to wear tooth jewelry?

Tooth jewelry is considered a cosmetic or fashion accessory and does not require any specific permission, as its use is a matter of personal preference.

What materials are tooth jewelry made of?

Tooth jewelry can be made of precious metals, porcelain, crystal stones, diamonds, or gemstones.

Does wearing tooth jewelry affect speech or eating habits?

Generally, it does not significantly impact speech or eating habits. While it may initially feel unusual, most individuals quickly adapt.

Is it possible for tooth jewelry to affect teeth or cause decay?

With proper application and adequate care, tooth jewelry generally does not affect teeth or lead to decay.

Can we remove tooth jewelry ourselves?

Attempting to remove the jewelry by oneself could potentially cause damage to the jewelry or teeth.

How should maintenance be performed?

When brushing or flossing your teeth, take care to clean your tooth jewelry gently. Pay special attention to cleaning the area underneath the jewelry to prevent the accumulation of food debris. Regularly clean your gums and teeth to prevent plaque buildup around the jewelry. The use of dental floss and mouthwash can also enhance hygiene. By maintaining careful eating habits and regular dental check-ups, you can enjoy prolonged use of your tooth jewelry.

Tooth Jewelry / Grillz in Istanbul

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