Bringing The Future Of Healthcare

We’re passionate about our mission to transform healthcare. We recognize that to be successful, we need to take care of our teams just as much as we take care of the members we serve.

Respect and trust are at the center of our relationships with all our stakeholders.

We thrive on innovation and continuously improve ourselves and our work.

We collaborate and extend our relationships, ideas and knowledge beyond borders.


Our Human Resources policies are based on the overlap between the corporate goals and the career goals of our team.

We welcome applications from all candidates who want to work in a multicultural, dynamic and supportive environment. 

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Clinic EGO

We offer you first-class dental health services in our internationally awarded clinic.

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Club EGO

We care about all the details to make your journey an unforgettable experience.

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Acedemy EGO

With our 25 years of experience, we train the most distinguished dentists in the global industry.

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Best Dental Clinic in Europe ( 2024)

Awards Winning Dental Clinic

Clinic EGO is among the leading international clinics with its innovative approach to dental health and modern technological equipment.

Health Tourism Brand of the Year (2023)


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